Friday, March 25, 2011

Park Your Car For FREE, Downtown San Jose Ca

  • Free admission is pretty exciting but when parking in downtown San Jose is limited, which can cost a pretty penny, you need to do some careful planning. Weekdays at 6pm and all day on weekends and big holidays, there are public parking lots and garages in the downtown area that offer free spaces for visitors. The garages are:
  1. Market & San Pedro Square Garage (between Santa Clara and St. John streets)
  2. Third Street Garage (between Santa Clara and St. John streets)
  3. San Fernando & Third Street Lot (Block 3) (between Second and Third streets, north of the San Jose Repertory Theatre)
  4. San Fernando & Second Street Lot (Block 2) (on San Fernando Street, between First and Second streets, across from Gordon Biersch Restaurant)
  5. Pavilion Garage (on Second Street, between San Fernando and San Carlos streets)
  6. Second & San Carlos Street Garage (on Second and Third streets at San Carlos, next to Camera 3 Cinemas)
  7. Fourth and San Fernando Street Garage (northeast corner of Fourth and San Fernando streets)
  8. Second & San Carlos Street Garage (280 S. Second Street, also accessible from South Third Street)
  9. IN ADDITION:  The South First Area (SoFA) lot under Interstate 280 at South First Street offers FREE parking weeknights after 6 p.m. and all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays.  It’s downtown San Jose’s BEST parking deal.

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