Monday, March 28, 2011

Singlebarrel, Speak Easy Style, Downtown, San Jose Ca


43 W San Salvador St
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 792-7356
There is no sign, just a single barrel on the wall.
It took us a few minutes to find this place but when we did, we didn’t want to leave. Its in the basement around the corner from Agenda Lounge @ the intersection of First & San Salvador.
Now, lets get to the good stuff. First off, this is an awesome place for us 30 somes to go & have a normal conversation without your ears bleeding from the loud muic.  The place has a old world feel to it with even the bartenders doing their bit by wearing retro clothes. Cheesy, but it works!  Secondly the bartenders are the best I have ever seen in the bay area. Cache is the head bartender, he calls himself the “mofo professor” compared to the other sophomers working there :)  They have a really good list of cocktails which they take a lot of care in making. I like the fact that he explained the history behind each of the drinks he made for us. I am more of a single malt guy but I have to say the “old fashioned” I had here was the best!
In Short:  Friendly & really knowledgeable bartenders
                Really good cocktails & beer/wine/single malt selection
                Good ambience
CLICK HERE for there website.

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