Friday, April 15, 2011

Alviso Marina County Park, Alviso, Ca

Welcome to Alviso Marina County Park, gateway to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. This 18.9-acre bayside park, though small in size, offers a great deal of activities within its boundaries and on into the Wildlife Refuge. Both the pathways and boardwalks of the County Park and trails around the ponds in the adjacent Wildlife Refuge offer fantastic views of the mountains surrounding the bay, and of the wildlife that call these ponds home.
Hiking, biking and bird watching are favorite activities in both the park and the refuge, while picnicking and strolling along the manicured pathways can be enjoyed within the County Park. Dogs are allowed in the County Park's pathways and picnic areas, but are not allowed on the trails, levees and boardwalks. While bikes are allowed on all pathways and trails in the park, please walk your bikes on the boardwalks.
The launch ramp provides one of the few clear routes in the San Jose area through the salt marshes out to the open waters of the San Francisco Bay. Navigational charts can be obtained through or a local retailer (Ref. No. 18AHA18651). When using the waters of the bay, please respect the sensitive nature of this unique ecosystem.
For inquiries about the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, visit their web site. Teachers and groups may call (408) 262-5513 for information about the Environmental Education Center, and information about trails and interpretive programs can be obtained by calling (415) 792-3178.
How to Get There
Alviso Marina County Park is located at:
Mill Street, Alviso (the park has no physical address)
(408) 262-6980

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