Monday, April 11, 2011

City of Palo Alto, Silicon Valley California

Palo Alto is perhaps the most well known of the Silicon Valley towns, being the place where Hewlett and Packard invented the audio oscillator, in an Addison Avenue garage, now known as the "Birthplace of Silicon Valley".
Palo Alto's central location and its proximity to Stanford University are just two of the criteria which have made Palo Alto one of the most desirous residential area for newcomers relocating to Silicon Valley.
But you all know the old adage ?Supply and Demand? and nowhere is it more true of Palo Alto house prices. Gorgeous homes, many remodeled, with beautifully landscaped gardens border the tree-lined streets.
High-achieving schools and great shopping streets as well as the modern and stylish Stanford Shopping Centre factor into the very high house prices here; no decent home is available for under $1 million.
Stanford University is on the doorstep so the coffee shops and restaurants in the main street are frequented by its students. Home to big-time college football and basketball, Stanford has a huge stadium and in the past has hosted a Super Bowl and World Cup soccer games.
Every year the two high schools, Gunn and Palo Alto, score among the highest in the state in the math SAT. With an almost 100 percent graduation rate, Palo Alto schools send their students to some of the most prestigious universities in the country. It's a very green city with 30 parks including one in the Santa Cruz Mountains only open to Palo Alto residents. Palo Alto is all about location, education and gorgeous homes but lot size is limited, so if you can afford it and are looking for space and bigger lot size, try looking over at Los Altos Hills or Saratoga.

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