Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DAY OF THE DEAD CELEBRATION - November 1 & 2, 2014

DAY OF THE DEAD CELEBRATION - November 1 & 2, 10am-9pm in Courthouse Square.
Dia de los Muertos is a traditional Meso-American holiday dedicated to the ancestors; it honors both death and the cycle of life. In Mexico, neighbors gather in local cemeteries to share food, music, and fun with their extended community, both living and departed. The celebration acknowledges that we still have a relationship with our ancestors and loved ones that have passed away.
     In Santa Rosa, Day of the Dead has been celebrated at the Court House Square since Y2K. The opening ceremony is conducted by Julie Hubbell and throughout both days there are performances by the Pomo Dancers, Ballet Folkl√≥rico Cahuayoh, Aztec Friendship Dances, Native Resistance Drum, singers and musicians. We want to thank Anita Silva, Pomo Elder, for her prayers in years past and send her blessings and our thanks. There is an art area for creating decorations for the altars you construct for loved ones and as evening comes were continue our tradition with blessing and sharing food donated by our local restaurants. There is an all night vigil for deceased friends and family and our ceremony is concluded by offering the the altars back to the spirit world. 

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