Friday, March 25, 2011


This team is for friendly co-ed flag football games. We have players from all over the Bay Area so some of our teammates have to travel far to attend our games. We need exact headcounts for games therefore irresponsible or flaky people will be removed from the team to maintain the accurate headcounts.
GAME RULES: These rules are for making the games more fun for every player and for minimizing injury risks.
- We prefer 5 players per team. If we have enough players for more than 4 teams, we’ll play 2 to 3 games simultaneously.
- The waiting team will replace the first team to lose from the games and will have the option to receive the ball.
- The first team to score a touchdown is the winner. The wait between games will only be a few minutes.
- Teams must sit out 1 game after 3 wins. We’ll switch players to different teams if we need to balance the skill levels.
- We’re playing for fun and exercise so winning isn’t everything but good sportsmanship is required for all players.
- Teams should let many players play quarterback and QBs must throw the ball to all receivers.
- Each team should have at least 1 good quarterback and a secret weapon (female player).
- Female players get an automatic 1st down for every catch or pass regardless of how many positive yards gained.
- Male players must gain 10 yards or reach the next cone within 4 plays to get a 1st down.
- Offense gets an automatic 1st down for a pass interference and the ball will be moved to the next cone.
- A safety will result in a change of ball possession and the ball will be spotted at the last spot.
- No Blitz or Alligators. We’ll immediately rush the QB starting from the 1st down line without counting Alligators.
- Quarterbacks may pass but not rush therefore they can’t run past the scrimmage line.
- Screen blocking only so blockers may not use their hands, arms, legs or body to initiate contact.
- No moving screens for blockers. They must be stationary and not move with the opponents.
- Players must run around blockers without touching or pushing them out of the way.
- Interceptions are live balls and may be run back but fumbles are dead balls and spotted where the ball landed.
- Please bring 1 red and 1 non-red top. We lost a few red jerseys so we may not have enough for everyone.
- Shirts should be tucked in and not hang over the flag belts. Position flags to both sides, not in front or back.
- Players should wear yellow flags with dark color shorts and blue flags with light color shorts.
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