Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tapestry Arts Festival, San Jose, Ca, May 28-29, 2011

San Jose is the capital of Silicon Valley, so it follows that any art festival there would be progressive and original. Art festivals can often be stodgy, dry events that are little more than meager distractions to while a way a day. The Tapestry Arts Festival knows that to get the people to come out for art, some more incentives are needed. The 2009 Tapestry Arts Festival featured, besides more than 300 artists, a rock-climbing wall, a hang gliding simulator, spas, and golf. There was live music from more than a dozen bands. Such variety and entertainment is to be expected of Tapestry as they up the ante every year. The people have responded well; in 2009, there were 150,000 attendees at the festival. Downtown San Jose is easily accessible by public transit and the promoters encourage people to either bike or bus to the event. The free festival is held in September, so the dry, sunny weather easily accommodates such modes of transportation and all the dancing and browsing a heart desires.

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