Saturday, September 5, 2015

Chinese Moon Festival, Overfelt Park San Jose Ca Sept 13, 2015

Chinese Moon Festival 2015
Sunday, September 13, 2015
1:00pm to 5:00pm
Free Admission and Parking
Overfelt Gardens
368 Educational Park Dr.
San José, CA
In the Chinese Cultural Garden ]

This is a tobacco/alcohol-free event
One of the stories told to children during Moon Festival is of the fairy living in a crystal palace. She comes out to dance on the shadowed surface of the moon. Legend says the "lady living in the moon" dates back to ancient times when ten suns appeared in the sky. The Emperor ordered a famous but mean archer to shoot down the nine extra suns. Once the task was accomplished, Goddess of Western Heaven rewarded the archer with a pill of immortality. But his wife, wishing to save people from his bad disposition, took the pill herself. She has been banished to the moon ever since. They say her beauty is greatest on the day of the Moon Festival.

The date of our Moon Festival was about a week after the real Moon Festival date. But because our student leaders need time to organize 200 school volunteers, it has become our tradition to select the third Sunday of every September to be this community's Chinese Moon Festival. We wish to acknowledge these young people for their spirit, hard work and dedication. Our event would not be as fun and wonderful without them, and we hope they come to fill their lives with the same joyfulness they present here today.

The Moon Festival is celebrated by billions of people. They celebrate it with dances, feasting and moon gazing. Delicious moon cakes are a traditional enjoyment. But on this day, we offer you the pleasure of sharing arts, crafts and creative activities in a Chinese garden setting. Culture is fun! Without art, music, poetry or dance - what would imagination do? We hope you enjoy what we've had fun planning for you. Have a Great Time!!!!!

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