Monday, April 11, 2011

City Of Gilroy, Silicon Valley California

Known as ?The Garlic Capital of the World?, Gilroy is situated at the southern end of Silicon Valley.
As well as its flourishing garlic crop, the combination of availability of large fairly affordable housing, a well appointed high street in the old town, spectacular scenery and a certain distance from the hubbub of the high-tech world has been an attraction for many people relocating to Silicon Valley.
The latter can be a disadvantage for the commuter, with an up to 60 minute commute to San Jose, though the widening of Highway 101 in recent times has alleviated some of the traffic congestion.
Good news for shoppers - one of the largest and most famous retail outlets in the South Bay is located just outside Gilroy, the Gilroy Premium Outlets, attracts millions of shoppers from other parts of Silicon Valley.
As far as schools are concerned, the combination of low-income farm and middle-class white collar and professional kids have created test scores from low to middling, though an injection of $69 million in 2002 helped renovate existing and build new schools.
In the 2000 census, 33 percent of the residents came in under age 18 so a very youthful city!

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