Friday, March 25, 2011


City officials were in no hurry Thursday to rechristen Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport by adding the two words — Silicon Valley — airlines say are key to attracting more flights.
At the first public meeting of a special committee aimed at boosting business at the struggling airport, Mayor Chuck Reed and other city officials seemed vexed by the choices before them and groped for an alternative to satisfy the airlines’ desire for a more recognizable brand.
Nobody suggested removing Mineta’s name, but officials fretted about slighting the locally popular former mayor, congressman and U.S. transportation secretary, whom Airport Director Bill Sherry called “one of our most endearing politicians.”
“How do you say to former secretary Mineta, ‘Well, we don’t really need to use your name,’?” Councilwoman Nancy Pyle asked. Mineta, now almost 80, has been a consultant in Washington since 2006.
But airport officials made clear that not having “Silicon Valley” in the airport’s name is a huge sticking point with airlines whose business they need.
Sherry said the issue was raised by Japan’s All Nippon Airways, which Reed personally courted this month, and also by Ireland’s Aer Lingus, which a few years ago decided against a San Jose route.
“This issue comes up in every single meeting, regardless of the carrier,” Sherry said. “If you’re a foreign traveler, you know San Francisco. People don’t know where San Jose is.”
GOD DANG, is this so hard that there are so many meetings, wasted time, paid public servants over this very simple decision. gueeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz
You would think that would be wanted also by what’s his name, Mineta’ or whatever.
San Jose, Silicon Valley International Airport, Is there any other choice??

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